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Our 4th-graders at Edgewood Campus School loved the Ragadoodle Workshop with Andrea Skyberg. The workshop was sequenced in an age appropriate way and the results of the workshop were very creative. Each student’s ragadoodle was unique, reflecting their personalities. It was a great day! Andrea has a particularly good rapport with middle school students. Our middle school students were captivated by her explanation of her art and writing process. Her explanation of the submission process in publishing and her message of persistence and resilience impressed our middle school students.
Ruth Vander Horck
Art teacher Edgewood Campus School Madison, WI

Andrea explained the process of being an author or an illustrator in a very clear, entertaining, and personal way. She allowed the students to see what her process is like, shared her connections, her failures, her successes, and her strong will to persist. She was an outstanding speaker for middle schoolers to interact with as they prepare for their future.
Scott Quincey
7/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher Edgewood Campus School Madison, WI

My daughter loved making the pipsqueak doll. I received daily updates about the steps she was taking to create it. She was fascinated that she could create a doll from newspaper and tape. It was great to hear her talk about the six divisions of health that contribute to a wholesome life. I enjoyed seeing such and animated and unique doll in the end. Thank you Andrea for all your hard work!
Heather Ryan

Andrea did a great job presenting her book Snickeyfritz to the kids at our school. She integrated her storytelling with movement, music, and fun! The students were excited to meet her and asked several questions during and after the show.
Kaia Swenson
Media Specialist
J.W Smith Elementary

I had Andrea Skyberg do three presentations for my program. She did two presentations for my school-age program and one presentation for a Family Literacy Night event. My children and families loved her program. The book is wonderful, especially the illustrations. We also loved the props she brought along and how she got the children involved in the ‘I Spy’ approach of finding the characters that matched the props she brought along. Finally, the school-age program really enjoyed the art activity. The kids have been making characters from tape all summer long!
Angela Lampkin
Education Director
Child Development Center of St. Joseph

Ms Skyberg’s book captivated me the moment I read it. As an elementary school teacher, I am always looking for new, exciting, creative ways to interests my students. Snickeyfritz is inspiring in its unique, artistic expression and its witty, fun, and brilliant writing. Ms. Skyberg inspired my students to make Ragadoodle dolls that were similar to the ones that she created in her book. Who knew that masking tape and a little bit of creativity could captivate future authors and artists! Great literature is hard to come by, but Snickeyfritz is fantastic for any aged learner that is looking to expand his or her imagination
Joe Schauwitzer
Child Development Center of St. Joesph
Muskego, WI

Everything Andrea Skyberg does is very high quality. The masking tape, life-size dolls are amazing! The book production is very professional, and her presentation is kid friendly and comes with all the bells and whistles.
Daniel Goldin
Boswell Book Company

Our class was fortunate enough to have local author and artist, Andrea Skyberg, read her new book, Snickeyfritz. Ms. Skyberg read her book while engaging the children in her special version of ‘I SPY’. This entertaining picture book features Andrea’s life size dolls sculpted out of masking tape. The dolls were photographed in her home. The children got to put on their imaginary binoculars when they spied the items she brought along, which was artwork and artifacts featured throughout the book. After the reading, the children had a chance to make their own miniature masking tape Ragadoodles with Ms. Skyberg’s guidance. Snickeyfritz is more than a book; it is colorful language, visual art, and pure delight! This is a memory that will last a lifetime. We are very happy to have had this experience!
Maria Porn
1st Grade Teacher
Garland Elementary

Ms. Skyberg delighted the students at Pleasant View with her presentation of her new children’s book, Snickeyfritz.  In spite of presenting to hundreds of students, she involved all of them with her innovative game of “I Spy,” which also helped make her book come alive.  Now that my family owns a copy of Snickeyfritz, my son enjoys reading it again and again, and he plays detective to continue trying to find more clues.  Ms. Skyberg’s whimsical story and presentation helped everyone involved find their own “Snickeyfritz.”
Debbie Kelly
Pleasant View PTA

Imagination, problem solving, decision making and fun! That was the name of the game at our Daisy meeting last week. Excitement was in the air for Daisy Scout Troop 1665 for weeks with the anticipation of meeting Andrea Skyberg, the author & artist of Snickeyfritz.
When Andrea came to our meeting with the character, Pepper, in tow, the girls could not believe their eyes! They were mesmerized from the moment Andrea walked through the door. I can honestly say that this troop has never been so quiet or well behaved as they were while Andrea, Pepper and the Snickeyfritz reading meeting were in the house.
Andrea held court over our meeting for an hour and a half. She began by reading Snickeyfritz and then had a project for the girls to work on. They drew and colored still life pictures of Pepper and then got a chance to guess how Pepper got her name. The girls were so intent on drawing Pepper, the concentration was impressive, as were their drawings and reasoning’s for Pepper’s name.
Andrea took the time to talk to each girl, learn and remember every name and make them all feel included and special. I purchased books for each Daisy member with our cookie money and Andrea went as far as to personally address and autograph each book and let the girls have a personal photo taken with her.
The girls were so happy with the meeting and truly loved having a book of their own to take home. The parents were impressed with the idea and execution of the reading and meeting as well. We have been telling other leaders all about the opportunity to earn a “fun” reading patch! Andrea went above and beyond anything we could have expected. I totally recommend a Snickeyfritz reading party! It’s a blast!
Michelle Kortbein
Daisy Girl Scout Leader and Mom of 2

The First Grade at Story School really liked Andrea Skyberg.  They enjoyed her book.  They were actively involved in the picture hunt.  It held their attention.  It was a fantastic experience to meet the actual author of a book.
Karen Krysiak
Story School

Andrea Skyberg came to my kindergarten classroom at Roosevelt Elementary and did an excellent presentation on her book, Snickeyfritz. Andrea captivated my students from the start. She brought in actual artifacts from her book as well as the 8 foot doll from the book made entirely from masking tape. She allowed the students to examine the artifacts before she read the story aloud to the students. She gave them a challenge to notice each of the artifacts on the pages as she read the story. This was a wonderful way to have the students practice their skills of observation as well as build excitement about the story. Andrea did a great job of managing the students’ enthusiasm by creating a signal to let the children know when it was time to stop discussion and listen.
The students were completely engaged as Andrea read the story aloud. Every time a students would spot an artifact, Andrea had them hold up ”pretend binoculars” to their eyes to signify what had been discovered. The story itself brought out great discussion from the students about the rich language used in the story and elicited their own background knowledge about special idioms, expression and phrases that are used at home. An added bonus from Andrea’s presentation was the idea that “we don’t ever really have to feel bored if we tap into our imaginations”. As a way to respond to the story, Andrea had the children draw “Pepper”, one of the characters in the story, by looking at the larger –than-life sculpture. The students were able to show amazing detail in their drawings because they have the real life doll and the photos from the story to draw from. As a follow up discussion, I asked my students how they used their imaginations, and their answers amazed me. Through that discussion, we realized that our imaginations are always with us, were ever we go – and we can use them when we need to.
Elizabeth Schmid
Kindergarten teacher
Roosevelt Elementary

It was a wonderful learning opportunity for the students to meet the author of Snickeyfritz and to hear how an idea for a story comes to life and becomes published into a book.
Siegrid Schweinert
3rd Grade Teacher
Story School

Thank you for the fun, creative, imaginative & interactive experience for our 2nd grade Brownie Troop 2504. They had a fabulous time in your workshop! They even earned part of their ‘Puppets, Dolls and Plays Try-it’ badge through their participation. The girls wanted to share their experience with other kids therefore; they decided to earned $2 at home and then they compiled as a troop to buy one of your books to donate to the school library. They are signing it and placing a photo from your visit. They are so excited to deliver it to the librarian!
Thanks again!
Kim Kloeppel
Troop Leader
Brownie Troop #2504

The word Snickeyfritz seems very familiar to me. My favorite part of the book was the idea of using your imagination. I liked making the ragadoodles and made mine to look like Uncle Sam.
Aaron Vanwyhe
Age 8

I liked the whole book! My favorite character was Pepper. I made my ragadoodle doll a girl and made her a pretty dress – which was so much fun!
Maija Ambrose-Steckbauer
Age 6

I like that the Papa is so big and I loved doing the ‘I-Spy’ treasure hunt and trying to find the art in the book.
Tajae Jones
Age 4

I liked the story and enjoyed the details in the pictures. I loved doing “I Spy” and loved signing the ‘I Spy’ songs after we found the objects. The ragadoodle was so much fun to make because we got to decide what it looked like and how we wanted the hair and what the ragadoodle would wear. It’s really cool that the characters were made from masking tape and that Ms. Skyberg used string for Pepper’s hair. My teacher uses the phrase ‘Geeze Louise’ so it was fun hearing that used in the book. It made me think of her!
Jacauel Jolly
Age 7

Coming to see Andrea Skyberg was a doozy. We had to hunt in the book it was hard but we noodled it out. The book was the cat’s meow. We were bouncing off the walls. It was great, but we had to finally say “see you in the funny papers!
Student, Saint Sebastian School

I think the presentation was swell. I was bouncing off the walls when I heard a real book author was going to be here. I think what she did was very peachy keen with all the singing and treasure hunting with binoculars. After that was done we skeddadled to our classrooms.
Student, Saint Sebastian School

When I heard we were going to meet an artists and author I was bouncing of the walls. When we got there and I saw here I thought she was just hunky dory. All of the pictures in the book were done in her house. She said to look for some items she showed us and when we found them we sang an I-Spy song or did something with our Snickeyfirtz. I wouldn’t trade the experience for all the tea in China. See you in the funny papers!
Student, Saint Sebastian School

I was bouncing off the walls when I heard Ms. Skyberg was coming. Her book was the cat’s meow to me. I was so excited I was acting like a bull in a china cabinet. The assembly was hunky dory. Everything was swell.
Student, Saint Sebastian School

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