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CommuniTree by Andrea Skyberg and the Milwaukee Parkside School for the Arts



On the surface we look like individuals, but hidden below, like the roots of the great Quaking Aspen trees, we are connected. In the same way a family has a family tree, our community has a CommuniTree. On a family tree, each branch represents a person. On a CommuniTree, individuals are connected by our roots of shared values and collective ideas. Our connections take form in our collaborations, the music we make together, our trust in one another, and in the seeds of love that we continuously plant.


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finalist_medalCommuniTree was honored with a Finalist Award for the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Award!



During this four-month residency, funded by Milwaukee Public Schools, 686 students from Parkside School for the Arts collaborated with me to write and illustrate the award-winning picture book CommuniTree! Click here to see a video of CommuniTree’s book-making process.

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