Snickeyfritz Testimonials

My family and I LOVE Snickeyfritz!!! My daughter is 3 1/2 and it was so much fun listening to her laugh at the silly words and say them…our favorites are fiddlesticks and knucklehead! This book is so different from other children’s book. It is really enjoyable for the parents as well as the children. My husband said “hands down, best kids book he’s ever read”!!! I can’t wait to show it off to all my mom-friends (I just know they will also love it)!! I’ve become Snickeyfritz’s biggest fan and I’m determined to have everyone I know read this book!!!
Debbie Aaker
Grand Forks, ND

My sons are in 3rd grade and they absolutely loved the book.  We thought the characters were cute and quirky and really fun!  They had a blast guessing the meaning of each of Grandpa’s funny “phrases” and then looking in the glossary to see if their guess was correct.  We love the book so much we donated a copy to their teachers/classrooms, their elementary school library, and the public library in town.  My boys are really hoping to see the author and her big characters during a school visit in the near future. Thanks for sharing your adorable, creative characters and teaching kids some “old time vocabulary”.
Wendy LaMeer
Kansasville, WI

I really enjoyed the grandfather/child connection.  I didn’t have a grandpa around when I was growing up, so it is a connection I personally missed.  My own three daughters have a very close relationship with my father and the story reminded me of their very special bond.  I enjoyed how the subtle teachings were presented in a fun way.  There is something very endearing about the characters.  They’re obviously not real, but yet they are.  I think the story is one that can cross many ages and leads to interesting discussions (including the many grandma-isms used in our own family).  There is sort of an ‘Eye Spy’ quality to all of the photographs for the younger kids.
Sue Lawton
Director of Preschool and Family
YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee

Snickeyfritz written by Andrea Skyberg proved to be the perfect book for my grandchildren and me to read together. Using Grandpa’s jargon, gibberish and slang we were lead on a rainy day adventure that was reminiscent of days gone by!  The cleverly casted characters captivated the attention of my grandchildren as we discovered new detailed throughout the book noticing new knickknacks every time we read about Piper, Pepper and Penelope’s adventure.  Wonderful!
Sandra Laughrin
Director of COA
Milwaukee, WI

We purchased the book for our 3 year old daughter, Hanna. She loves it! I took it in to read to my 4th graders at school, and they loved it as well. The sayings, idioms, and figures of speech throughout the book go along with many of the concepts we introduce and use in our 4th grade spelling and writing curriculum. I’ve passed it on to my other 4th grade collegues, and they loved it as well. I have the book’s website posted on my classroom blog, with the hope that my students will be excited about buying it! We look forward to seeing more wonderful books from Ms. Skyberg in future!
Jane O’Neil Fleming
4th Grade Teacher
Brookfield, WI

Snickeyfritz a beautifully illustrated book filled with magic and wonder.  Each page is a visual delight and the story is great too!
Della Wells
Milwaukee, WI

Snickeyfritz is absolutely wonderful!   The characters are so creative and each page has many interesting details. My husband and I were laughing at the expressions and thought the glossary was a great idea!  Who would think a sci-fi guy like my husband could appreciate a children’s book, yet he loves Snickeyfritz! I would give it a 5-star rating!
Jeanne Theberath
Apple Valley, MN

Snickyfritz is an amazing new children’s book!  The book has it all, endearing characters, eye-catching artwork, and a beautiful message.  The book was an absolute hit at Christmas this year with my nieces & nephews (ages 3-5).  I recommend each family add this book to their home library.
Haley Picotte
Orchestra Teacher
MIlwaukee, WI

What can I say, I loved it! Delightful from cover-to-cover! The only disappointment is that it ended too soon! The characters come alive on each and every page and I feel like the girls are my friends.  And PaPa too! A simply charming story for all ages to enjoy!!!!!!!
Lorna Lue Blosberg
Cambridge, MN

My husband Steven just read Hannah Snickeyfritz tonight, it was very adorable to hear him read it with his southern accent (he is from TX). When I told him the dolls were life size and photos taken in the author’s home, he didn’t believe me! I read the info in the front of your book and he was amazed! As am I! Snickeyfritz is so fun to read, and it brings back memories! I find myself actually paying attention to what I am reading and looking at. Sometimes when I read other children’s books to my daughter, I can’t even remember what I just read. Snickeyfritz is an adorable and endearing story and the artwork is awesome. It is not just a children’s book, it is a work of art! Every time we read it, I notice something new in the photos.
Kristen Crumby
Fargo, ND

My son really enjoys Snickeyfritz and we’ve actually been reading it a lot the past few nights.  He loves the bugs in the garden and the dog and cat.  It is a great book.  I love the colorful images and all of the fun vocabulary.  This is definitely a book that will grow with him as he gets older.
Sara Wenzel
Minneapolis, MN

Snickeyfritz really inspires the reader to use their imagination. It uses a unique artwork medium to portray a relationship between a grandfather and his granddaughters, showing the importance of family, in a time where it is truly needed! The story, which is filled with purpose and meaning, teaches children some of the sayings that once were used by previous generations-ones that my one grandparents use! The characters drew me into the story as if I was a part of it. It is a book that I can read in the classroom and later come home to my daughters and share it with them. If you are a child, parent, grandparent, teacher or just a book lover it is a ‘must read’.
Cheryl Rehm
Preschool/Elementary Teacher
Milwaukee, WI

Snickeyfritz isn’t your typical children’s book, the images are truly unique and the language of the story invites conversation long after you have read the last page. My almost three-year-old son really enjoys the story, although Snickeyfritz is impossible for him to pronounce! He asks for the “snifelitz” book! We have fun talking about Peanut Butter and Jelly and finding interesting items in the pictures. The word list at the end brings up vivid images and memories of things we used to, and still do and say! It is a well-written book with a great message. It most certainly has a home in my “must read to kids” bookshelf!
Mandy Davis
McIntosh, MN

Snickeyfritz has quickly become one of my daughter’s favorite books. The images are fascinating, and when I showed my daughter the picture on the jacket of the book of the author’s daughter compared to the grandpa in the book, she was amazed. Each time we read the book, we notice something new and it sparks a whole new conversation between us, either about how the book was made, or just what culottes are! A truly enjoyable book for all ages!
Jill Gawrych
Milwaukee, WI

I saw a copy of Snickeyfritz on a desk in the department where I work and was immediately drawn to it.  The colors and images had me fascinated and intrigued and made me want to see more.  I took a look at the book to review it and thought it was so cleverly written.  I felt like a child again, and each time I have read it to my daughter I feel the child inside of me awaken.  My imagination turns on and I remember how exciting it was to be a child and play games and do fun things.  The book reaches into the part of a person that seems to get covered up as we grow older- with responsibilities such as work, taking care of children, etc.  By reading the book it peels back some of those layers and leaves one feeling youthful and refreshed.  It also brings a warm feeling when I think of how loving grandparents are, and how much they enjoy taking time for small children. I found the characters to be truly adorable.  The author’s creativity was clearly shown on each and every page.  For me to go through and research how to even buy this book it had to be pretty good!!!  Since purchasing the book I have recommended it to others and hope that it finds great success as it goes public.
Deanna Osowski
Minto, ND

Knowing that the characters were life-size was pretty amazing. Children are bound to be hypnotized by the way the characters look. They kinda reminded me of the weird characters in Where the Wild Things Are, which was my book back in the day! Even if the kids are not old enough to read yet, they will be amazed by the images of the story!  The language used was great and is something I could see children really picking up on.
Nathan Amundson
Seattle, WA

My children are fascinated with the life-size dolls and the fact that they are made from masking tape.  The dolls look like they could come to life and be a in a movie.  I like the pictures too, but I really like the story.  I love the creative use of all the fantasy slang words.  Being able to look up the words in the back of the book make it a great tool for kids learning to read. The story sends a wonderful message about using your imagination and playing with props around the house.  When I was a kid we did fantasy play all the time, but my kids seldom do –there are too many electronics nowadays. It’s also a sweet story about three sisters who really get along.  You can FEEL THE LOVE! If you really had a grandpa like that you were pretty lucky!
David Cappon
Milwaukee, WI

I ordered Snickeyfritz to my two children, who are two & five years old.  They both love the book, as do my husband and I. When I asked my daughter what her favorite part of Snickeyfritz was, she simply answered, “The whole book!” I also bought this book for my nieces and nephews and plan to purchase more over the next year to use as birthday gifts for many of our friends’ children all ranging from ages two to six years old. The kids love the illustrations just as much as the story.  The pictures are so vibrant and fun. The fact that the characters in Snickeyfritz are on a fun scavenger hunt held the attention of both kids as they wondered if Pepper, Piper and Penelope were going to find all of their items. While reading Snickeyfritz, I found myself giggling at the use of old-time catch phrases our parents, grandparents and even we use from time to time.  I also love that the catch phrases and silly words were capitalized for emphasis.  Our family hopes that the Snickeyfritz family continues to tell us stories in the years to come.
Michelle Kortbein
Milwaukee, WI

I read Snickeyfritz to my first grade class and we stop and discuss the vocabulary that is listed in the back.  They laughed at some of the definitions.  I have tried to use some of the sayings in my vocabulary daily as I speak to my students.  The images in the book are so creative and colorful!  I can’t believe the characters were made from masking tape!  I really enjoyed the plot of the story.  So many people have lost their creativity and imagination because of T.V and technology.  I love this book!
Cindi Wiebe
Elementary Teacher
Blackduck, MN

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