Evey’s New Book is a National Finalist!

rainas-tooth-cover-webMy nine-year old daughter has been writing and illustrating picture books ever since she could hold a crayon in her hand. For the last three years she’s entered her creations into the PBS Kids Write contest and each year she has placed in the top—fourth place her first year for The Queens of Spring and second place last year for My Silly Sister Celi. This year she won first place for her book Raina’s Really Wiggly Tooth, which meant that her book went on to nationals to compete against all of the first place winners from around the US. She recently found out that she was a National Finalist, meaning she was in the top tier of entries.

In addition to her book, she’s created a accompanying doll, which she calls Tooth Dolls. These dolls have a tiny pocket for kids to store their loose tooth in while they wait for the tooth fairy to collect it.

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