The Shimmerling residencies begin!

This was my first week working with West Side Academy’s 1st-3rd graders and I was so impressed with the work they did! I explained to them the residency and read them the manuscript and showed them the storyboards for Shimmerling. Then they got a chance to show me what the Shimmerling should look like.

shimmerling - student drawing 1 shimmerling - student drawing 3 shimmerling - student drawing 9 shimmerling - student drawing 12 shimmerling - student drawing 15 shimmerling - student drawing

The next session we started by doing a guided medication and then talked about self-acceptance. We also explored feeling left our or being teased, how that makes us feel, and talked about seeing ourselves for who we really are. I asked them to talk about some tough emotions, and I was really proud of how they committed to telling their truth. We talked about the importance of exploring our feelings, even when it’s hard, and trying to understand why we feel hurt. We also discussed how journaling can help us do this.

shimmerling - student drawing 2 shimmerling - student drawing 5 shimmerling - student drawing 7

The next day we did another guided meditation to try and clear any of the negative energy from the day before when we talked about hurt feelings. Then the students began to design a symbol that could show their unique selves. To do this they chose a word that best described them, picked an animal that they felt best represented them, and a color that felt was most truly them. They mixed up aspects of all of those things to design a unique symbol. Next week we start engraving their symbols into metal feathers!

shimmerling - student drawing 17 shimmerling - student drawing 16 shimmerling - student drawing 14 shimmerling - student drawing 13 shimmerling - student drawing 10 shimmerling - student drawing 11

Life Cycles Gallery Exhibition

I just saw the exhibit Life Cycles at the Gallery@Large. It’s a wonderful show with some pretty powerful messages. I loved the quote above my pieces from the CommuniTree book – Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.
— Thomas Merton

CommuniTree artwork in new exhibition at Gallery@Large

Student artists explore nature’s life cycles at Arts@Large exhibit
October 24, 2013
by Maria Corpus

… Among the many projects on display [at the Arts @ Large Life Cycles exhibit] are shadow boxes created by students from Parkside School for the Arts with visual artist and author Andrea Skyberg. Artwork from the shadow boxes project was photographed and used to illustrate a book titled “CommuniTree,” by Skyberg.

Adela Ramirez, 6, flipped through the pages of “CommuniTree,” which includes her artwork, as her mother, Christina Ramirez, watched. According to Ramirez, helping a child become more environmentally aware is part of educating her.

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Join us on November 1, 3:45pm at the Wauwatosa Library

Michael and the elephant

Michael and elephant from The Eyes of India

November 1, 3:45pm at the Wauwatosa Library

The books of Andrea Skyberg and M.W. Greer, the husband-and-wife team behind Wooden Nickel Press, feature artwork created in collaboration with students from Wisconsin schools. In addition to Skyberg’s latest endeavor, CommuniTree, they will be presenting Greer’s new mid-grade novel, The Eyes of India, and sharing stories of their collaborative processes. Schools, and other authors and artists, will discover ways to explore collaborations of their own.

Greer-Eyes-of-India-Cover CommuniTree-Skyberg-Cover-053013-Med

Visit or for more information

Wauwatosa Public Library
7635 West North Ave. Wauwatosa, WI 53213
(414) 471-8486

Squircle won a Moonbeam Gold Medal!

I’m so excited to hear that Squircle won a Moonbeam Award! Every year I keep an eye on these awards to pick books for my own personal library, and now I get to join the company of so many amazing books!

Moonbeam Spirit Awards – For dedication to children’s books and literacy and for inspired writing, illustrating and publishing. 

Books top sellers at Boswell!

It’s pretty cool to see two of my books and Michael’s new book make the Top Sellers list at Boswell Book Company!


Books for Kids:
1. The Eyes of India, by M. W. Greer
2. CommuniTree, by Andrea Skyberg
3. Flora and Ulysses, by Kate DiCamillo
4. More Than This, by Patrick Ness
5. Squircle, by Andrea Skyberg


Great night at Boswell Books!

Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate the launch of my husband, Michael’s new book The Eyes of India! We had so much fun presenting our books together, talking with friends, signing books and taking pictures with the art! Michael’s new book is available on Amazon and at Wooden Nickel Press. I’m excited to say that CommuniTree will get a second printing, as we have sold out of all of our copies! There are still a few on Amazon, but new stock will be coming in the next month.

M&A Boswell Event