Shimmerling update — first photo shoot

I’ve been busy trying to finish up the Shimmerling costume/sculpture for the April 25th gallery opening. I managed to get the wings, the feather headdress, and the Shimmerling’s face created this past week. It’s fun seeing it come together, but there’s still a lot of work to do. This week I’ll be creating the trunk of the Shimmerling, which will be covered in glittery bark. I also have a handful of birds and oak trees to sculpt. Michael and I decided to get some test shots last night to see how the metal will photograph. I’m very lucky to have such a talented husband to help me with the photography  🙂

‘Stories Shared’ co-art exhibit with Faith Ringgold April 25th, 2014!

FaithRinggold TarBeach

I’m very excited to announce that the artwork I’m creating for my new picture book Shimmerling will be featured in an art exhibition at Gallery@Large, along with the artwork of Caldecott winning artist and children’s book author Faith Ringgold! I have always admired Faith’s Story Quilts and her children’s picture books. I’m so thrilled to have the chance to show my work next to hers. Faith will be visiting Milwaukee for three days during the run of the exhibition to offer workshops and an artist talk. Dates and times TBD.


Stories Shared
April 25- July 3, 2014
Arts@Large Gallery

Discover multiple ways in which stories are created and shared in this student and artist created exhibition. Explore the story quilts of nationally renowned artist Faith Ringgold, the wearable sculptural art of local artist and children’s author Andrea Skyberg, and the artwork of MPS students who helped create the illustrations for Andrea’s new children’s book, Shimmerling.



The Making of Shimmerling

I’m starting to put together the Shimmerling costume with all the feathers the students created. Also, I’m building the oak trees and birds and taking some test shots! Lots to do. Fun to see the project start to come together!