New Author Visit & Art Workshop Programs!

I’m currently booking for the 2014/2015 school year. If you’re interested in having me visit your school, please contact me to schedule a program.

I love visiting schools to share my experiences as an author and an illustrator. I have a number of presentations, workshops, and art residencies available. Below is a preview of some of my programs, but a higher quality PDF of my full program listing can be viewed here — Andrea Skyberg Author Visit Program Sheet (Full Version) 2014

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School Tours, Author Visits, and Art Workshops at the Gallery!

Over the past two weeks I’ve been working with students from four different schools and sharing the story of my newest book Shimmerling. We did a little bit of meditation, danced to Pharrell William’s song ‘Happy’, sang some pretty rocking Shimmerling songs, and made beautiful engraved leaves that the students took home with them. I love doing presentations and workshops in the gallery surrounded by all the artwork from the exhibition. Thanks to Arts@Large for making it happen 🙂

Shimmerling Residency: Metal Engraved Feathers

Over the past two weeks students in the 1st – 3rd grades at West Side Academy have been working on designing and engraving three metal feathers to be used on a life-size tree sculpture/costume and a 6 foot wall hanging. Students created a feather with an image of a tree and one feather with an image of a bird. By the end of the residency there will be over 300 feathers that cover the tree sculpture. The sculpture/costume will be the main feature in my new book Shimmerling.

Ragadoodles: : Masking tape dolls

Students created Ragadoodles (small dolls) out of masking tape and a other materials and created a small book that accompanies their Ragadoodle. These books used inventive words and figurative language to tell a short story about the Ragadoodle. Together they become great little souvenirs that mimic the life-size characters & my book, Snickeyfritz.

Imagination Running Wild: Animal Molas

School: St John the Evangelist 1st-4th grade students
Educating Artist: Andrea Skyberg

Students created Mola designs which were modeled after the Molas created by the Kuna Woman from Panama. Each student represented a known animal in their cut-paper Molas. They then created a silouetted imaginary animal, which was the main focus in the middle canvas. By seeing the features within the known animals and using what was already familiar to them, students were able to push the limits of their imagination to created new, dynamic animals that have never existed before.


Pipsqueaks: Masking tape sculptures

School: St John the Evangelist 5th -8th grade students
Educating Artist: Andrea Skyberg

Students created Pipsqueak characters out of masking and duct tape, similarly to that of my children’s book, Snickeyfritz.

The Search for ‘I’ in Family: Altered Books

School: St John the Evangelist 5th -8th grade students
Educating Artist: Andrea Skyberg

Some families are created by blood, while others are created by choice or circumstance, in this project students created an family album transforming an old board book using the mediums of ink, pencil and collage.  These books begin to ask the questions, “what exactly makes a family and how does that family influence who I am?” By exploring their identity in relation to each individual member of their family, the students  began to understand the deeper connection they had to their family members while at the same time realizing the unique qualities that are truly and innately their own.