Pipsqueaks: Masking tape sculptures

School: St John the Evangelist 5th -8th grade students
Educating Artist: Andrea Skyberg

Students created Pipsqueak characters out of masking and duct tape, similarly to that of my children’s book, Snickeyfritz.

Diversity Tree: Mixed media sculpture

School: Whitman
Educating Artist: Andrea Skyberg

1st – 6th grade students created an 8-foot tall Diversity Tree by covering a cardboard tube is paper cut profile portraits in the style of the Wisconsin Artist, Mary Nohl. With the leftover  scraps of paper they wrapped wooded dowels to cover the branches of the tree.
Each student created a self portrait in the shape of a leaf out of paper pulp and paint. They also worked on a writing exercise, which allowed them to share aspects of their cultural background. Their final writing was decorated and adhered to the back of each leaf. Additional painted leaves and decorative elements, such as beaded strings and mosaic panels, were created and added to the tree to embellish it.

Currently the Diversity Tree is being exhibited in the lobby of the Milwaukee Public Schools Central Office

Two Heads Are Better Than One: Mask making


Schools: Whitman School & St John the Evangelist
Educating Artist: Andrea skyberg

Throughout the ages humans have used costume & masks to communicate ideas. Creating Big Heads modeled after the Capgrossos of Barcelona, students created masks as either a hybrid animal or an anthropomorphic creature to be used in a neighborhood parade.

Housing a Spirit: Face Jugs

School: Franklin High School
Educating Artist: Andrea Skyberg
Cooperating Teacher: Stacey Mercier

Believing that humans have a spirit separate from their human body is a notion that has been around for as long as human beings started honoring and burying their dead. The questions “Is their life after death?” and “What happens when our bodies no longer work?” are universal questions which have been approached in different ways throughout time. The face jugs created in America since the 18th century have provided an exploration for some people as they struggle with these loaded questions and develop their personal beliefs. For the slaves that created some of these vessels and placed them on graves it may have been a way of representing the individual that died, or as some believe, it may have served as a scary image in which to deter evil spirits from taking the spirit of their friend of family member. For others, the jugs have served as a grave marker during a time when slaves were not allowed to mark graves with traditional headstones. There is no way to understand completely why these jugs were created, but their existence gives their makers some life after death. Through this project students will investigate their own spirit and mortality and consider how their creation of a face jug will represent their interpretations and beliefs.

Giants & Pipsqueaks: Masking tape sculptures

Organization: Next Door Foundation: Leaders of Tomorrow
Educating Artist: Andrea Skyberg

The Leaders of Tomorrow (1st – 8th grade students) worked with me to create Pipsqueak characters out of masking tape and duct tape.  After they grew more confident with the materials, we brainstormed together to design a giant character and then sculpted and painted it.  This residency was done in conjunction with my children’s book, Snickeyfritz.