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Squircle is a such a delightfully silly word that children will love simply to hear it and repeat it. A story about interconnectedness and dealing with fear, anger, and other negative emotions, Squircle follows a young girl named Evie as she heads off on a small adventure, encountering helpful forest creatures along the way. Each animal offers thoughtful and calming advice, and Evie eventually realizes how connected she is with them all. Squircle reflects Skyberg’s passion for understanding and promoting the connections that exist among all living creatures. Evie s story is meant to show how she is connected to the world around her, and how recognizing that interconnectedness helps her learn to live in the moment, with greater tolerance and less anger and fear. –Foreword Reviews

Squircle is a fantastic representative collaboration between artist/author Andrea Skyberg and students of five Wisconsin schools, creating fabric applique murals and artworks about a central theme of interconnectedness. These completed large murals are woven into a creative story about Evie a girl who carries a ball or red twine, a box and a twig into the forest. At first Evie wants to catch a squirrel, so she makes a trap from her box and then becomes angry when the squirrel eludes her trap. Her first lesson is titled Duckflap, illustrated by a beautiful fabric mural of a duck who flaps to set anger free. Evie goes on to learn five important lessons in interconnectedness, living in the present, learning to listen to her inner voice, flowing through life without resisting what happens, and finally, Squircle, an experience of coming full circle by sharing a connection with all beings and things. Each enlightenment is fabulously interpreted by a joint project fabric art mural made, and retained by a different school. The narrative pictures in black and white with red twine help describe the inner journey completed by Evie. A truly unique creative feature of Squircle is the creative connecting of two words to make a new joint concept, like Duckflap, Fishflow, Right -Now-A-Pillar Time,Deerly Listen, and of course, Squircle. Squircle is a truly wonderful children’s book that has to be savored, published by Wooden Nickel Press, whose mission is described as to publish books that exhibit an original & inspired connection between storytelling and fine art. Certainly the quality of art and storytelling displayed in Squircle is extremely fine, deserving wide acclaim and deeply educational enjoyment. Although Squircle is technically a children’s book, easily accessible to those age 6 and up, adults will also find it fascinating and rewarding to read and examine. What a gift to all! –Midwest Book Review

Andrea Skyberg’s second book, Squircle, is another stunning original work. Like her first book, Snickeyfritz, one of the biggest draws for me is how she is making large scale artwork and then photographing it for the book pages, I find this so unique. Most of the story pages are this beautiful spare applique, black and white with bits of color, and then the applique murals jump out at you with all these color and texture details, they are just amazing. I can look at them over and over and notice new details each time. Squircle’s story teaches how to deal with difficult emotions, and it was really interesting to read (in the back of the book) about how she worked with children at several schools, and how they talked about these emotions and how to process them while making art that was incorporated into the murals.
I give Snickeyfritz and Squircle to all my friends’ children, they are so unique. I think there are a lot of great children’s books out there, but Andrea Skyberg’s approach – working with school children while making large art installations to fit around stories that have really great lessons, just seems one of a kind to me. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! –Chrissy Greer
Evie sets out to the forest to catch a squirrel. She soon becomes frustrated and impatient, so a duck explains how flapping her wings – duckflap – calms her down. Evie tries it, and soon happily goes off exploring again.
In a series of interactions with the various forest animals, Evie learns about herself and how to better handle life. Living in the moment, going with the flow, and listening to one’s own inner wisdom are all explored.
The unique and colorful illustrations in Squircle include hand-embroidery from elementary school students. Fabric pieced together form murals used as the artwork for scenery. Squircle was recently voted a Mom’s Choice Gold Award Winner in the Inspiration/Motivational category. This beautiful book has a great message and would make a nice addition to any child’s library.  –Alice Berger
I have never come across a book before that explains the complex nature of mindfulness to children. I teach kindergarten and use this book to teach my students’ strategies they can use when problems arise such as impatience, worry, anger, and indecision. The icing on the cake is the conclusion…that we are all interconnected and never alone. I want to sincerely thank the author for writing this book. It has added as much to my life as it has to my students. –Elizabeth Schmid
I love this book for so many reasons. It gives great strategies for my students and my own children to use in stressful situations. It also shows how we are all connected. This story is meaningful, purposeful, relatable, and is beautifully illustrated. –Jillian Omdahl
I bought this book for our grandkids. They love it! The story holds their attention and they love the pictures! I am amazed at the amount of work that the author has gone to writing and illustrating this book. Truly a talented person! My grandkids and I look forward to reading her next book! –Sue Brokke
I purchased Squircle to read to my first grade class. It has some deep issues that don’t often get talked about. This book presented them in a way that was fun for the kids while still bringing up important topics. With 20+ kids in a classroom together all day long, tensions can get high at times. This book introduces kids to living in the moment and going with the flow. It is a feel-good lesson. The students were amazed at the artwork and were jealous of the kids who were able to work on projects with Andrea Skyberg. –RJB
I love books that help children (and adults) learn important life lessons and Squircle definitely fits that bill. It has great messages about overcoming fear and learning to be flexible which are lessons we can all benefit from. One of the best parts of the book is the artwork and story behind how it was created (a story within a story). It makes the book and the artwork even more interesting and enjoyable after learning about the wonderfully creative process that produced such interesting and beautiful pictures. Highly recommend!! –Renee Joos
This is a beautiful and sweet story with textured, complex illustrations that are wonderful to pour over again and again. I love that the author writes to many age levels including us big ones — and that the book can be enjoyed on a few levels. There is a theme of interconnectedness mixed with loving animals and playful words. Young readers will be exposed to the idea of trusting their instincts (themselves). The art work was made via work with local schools which adds to the interest and depth of the book overall. It’s a winner. –Jennifer Schmidt


Squircle is a wonderful book with amazing messages I would have loved to learn when I was a child. I have two daughters 7 and 4 who absolutely love the book. First of all the illustrations and artwork are amazing. My daughters and I talked about how the murals were created and designed…..the artwork really pulls the reader into the story. As far as the story line goes it teaches children to feel your feelings but then to let them go and not hold them inside, to live in the moment, listen to our intuition, go with the flow, and most importantly that we are all connected. An amazing message for children and adults as well! Highly recommended. –Heather McCartan
I got this book for my 2, 8 and 10 yr old girls. They enjoyed the beautiful art work and the story. A great book to teach children about staying present and living in the moment. Wonderful book and I highly recommend it. –Marni Kopenski Hebert

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