Collaborative Book Making

Collaborative Book Making
I use a unique method for creating my books, collaborating with hundreds of students to illustrate and sometimes write the story. I do this because I feel that the process of making the book is just as important as the finished product. I’m also an advocate of project-based learning and art-integrated learning, which my residencies are driven by. I love visiting schools as an artist educator, because I believe encouraging children to use art and writing to understand themselves and others leads to more empathetic people and therefore, a better world. Below are a few videos of the process I used when collaborating with students.

The Making of Shimmerling is a behind the scenes look at how, with funding from Arts@Large, I worked with over 300 students in two Milwaukee Public Schools—West Side Academy and Bethune Academy to create the artwork for my upcoming picture book.

The Making of CommuniTree 
A video showcasing the children’s book and collaboration project I created with 686 students from the Milwaukee Parkside School for the Arts.

Squircle Gallery Tour video
Here is a video of the gallery exhibition, Threads That Connect: Fiber Art & Community, which features the artwork from Squircle.

The Making of Squicle (Time-lapse of making Right Now-A-Pillar Time)

The Making of Squircle (Free Motion Embroidery) 

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